Utopian design – Our Dream Cycles

PDF Subatomic net falls in Conjunction (Dream Cycles) 

Decay Systems in IC. (Plate tectonics Squared net weight of U-R in specific dégrée fields according to: Lightning.

The Subatomic weight of oxygen by the energy of 3 (cholesterol, serotonin, and nerve cell) by the net scale of sulfur squared (your Adjacent environment); before the sun.

These are your dream cycles.


Calling all [obstetricians]!

Artist Statement – dream cycles:

Take this and then sub carbon— the vacuum weight of the individual to the total amount of volume (cl) in given environment reduced by fat by each polluted state of the given membrane (glucose cell). Checked under the eye.

Shows the amount of reduction to impulse per environment squared of its weight. Before the sun.

Meaning the amount of cholesterol to serotonin intake depends on the people under 1 given environment (= thé number of shared ions to UI base cultures —> neurons given estrogen intake found in hyfer conversions [pyschology]) —> and divided by 3..

Then make copies..

In blood supplies the amount of estrogen can be pulled by fat from the time of day to the time of friction found in conflicting needs. Then add the chemical weight to the serotonin proportions of the envelope..

Story of Y. Comic strips. Drawings by Noor Aldeen.

Thé “Envelope-@ octagon gY cultures U = frontal lobe —> cortex —> brainwaves (format Y) of thé Uterus in (fungi rule of thumb) *Cornea —> base sound waves decreased by 1 force to —> Voice = Reflective base Nitrogen. (C6 basis neurons to Infrafractures q)..

..degrees under the sternum = UI Root Systems.

..And weight then found in the melatonin levels under UV rays. Check the amount of UV ray damage to the amount of melatonin deficiency in each skin color. Reduce it by fat. Get x. (-e) of Health deficiency..

To reduce chemical risks of fluoride  entering the brain before time occurs.

Nerve endings. Based on (GI) vision as base to retracted (subcontracted squares) iq..

Nerve endings— the amount of heavy metal to the environment per glucose and divide that by 3.. 

Proportion levels to :ןoo

(fallopian tube proportions to gas)

Brain refraction to chloride.
In IRD can the cerebellum react between fortified fibers and unfortified by the amount of light breathing in (oq) from the eyes in (od-1) visible light to the electromagnetic spectrum; it’s dividend is through sound or radioactivity coming in right to left as infinite to the hypo productivity of water in every human body. Let’s see straight people.

And Thanks India.. see you soon.



Infinity and Beyond

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