Astatine’s In, light’s out.

Chemistry to Connectivity Basics.  If the heart is going to have an organic structure, chemicals will allocate at measurement’s force to speeds. This crosscurrent of energy is an illogical system of behaviors, in serotonin and according to breathing room (Co2,O2).  System A suggests the same intangible rate in cell division as logical movement occurs per form b. It’s a blood structure of roots that branch from – the original thorax – the chromosome and into DNA, expels in oils and opens by isotopes.  The dividend is energy alone (blue), that creates what is “4” (form); a chemical compound of reality that sits constructively under 0° Stratosphere – it’s consistent melting point of X. ~Artist Statement, 2016-19.

  • (glucosis to sound)
  • cultures of [astatine]
  • and in Nature.
  • ..cause of pollution 5]Z.

Law of I.  In other words, if there are 8 men aware and principle can only capacitate awareness at ma 3x, in massן relativity there are 24 chances to which are sustained, but due to brain capacity in entanglement, shows only half of 8 can maintain its ::system structural pressure, thus only 6 can be True.  2 would be in Ture.AB762D4B-6D90-4696-B514-79611D74A4BD

Electromagnetics and in diameters

Inert Y, stabilization. Subject P in power to (Fallopian tube x)- G @ impulse z of submotonic behaviors (s).

Principles of Electricities to the Root System 

Rule of thumb- what goes in. Must come out. Er weight slopes as time manages disappointment in z- the hormonal weight in (UI Root Systems P) human activity. X +ion.

The Spectrum in Waves and under Consolidations (xY Light). 

In X, thé Ù tube (Fallopian in Q)-e(Z) of spiralizarion – thé AREAs vanishing into pi, subject Z, biology.

Thermos to heat extractions 

Photons. In embryo subject Ù of ionic cultures, squared time (subject weight e) to nucleic acids that dissolve in G. 3.4 as^2.

Root Systems Cell Biology in 8

C mass in cell division acquiring light (Fallopian tube s) – c weight vanishes as [exploitation] of ionic charges square in equal cavity.  Form C. 

Aerodynamics to Q

Weight to water, ZS. In R, reality sits basis nY weight F/E in all Instance (instinctive behavior) Form Y. Because E exists E.

U-the Heart


#the fetus


Areas Magnetics



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