Surface Art

Law of 5; Art. V. Book A.Kinetics  – the tongue.

The Wave
Original 24×24 painting, revised 2016. Painting modeled in „The Office“, Room Series 2. Subject of Maryland. (S’y13).


Lost works in Art. Prints and replication of a L’ost.

  • In Respect. (Respect.я) тhe replacement Principle  V.



Thé Zébra
Made in New York, Thé Zébra. Naked, 2007-8, 19. Subject of Maryland. Book #27.


Ohio Angels.
Ohio Angels. In death. Virgin 1. 2016. Subject to Maryland. Book #34.

Layers build the resistance between two outer layers that adapt at form level in instance occurrence from shell break to shell wall (adjacent measurements of ‘space).  In the same measurements that must come up and must go down, the instance measurements require the lasting foundation between u and I to UI. :Therefore it is a kinetic bond that transitions after termination if the stronghold is build through true ties, by law, because it is this exact instance that holds glue together’ that gravity forms pressure, and that weight decreases weakness, strands to strong, and width energy like this in this world it is a ht to es:Я ration that proportions itself evenly after a given break.  A home run.  The confidence areas apply substantially congruent to one another and sticks, and stays like glue from (Ii) to (‘q). Thus is relative subsequential that matter (ma); ulter’mintates after minutas distances, and secondary confinement.  All is lost is not more than a substantial termination point of energies that can be lifted at length due to heroratic kinetic rate inflation.  


Excerpt Theory E0.

In Prints only.

If only is the Pope:  3x[SE = фRם

If only is the Pope
If only is the Pope 3x[SE = фRם #Authenticism #Reduce Pollution “If only is the Pope. Pope Frances Collection. Rome, Italy. Stefany Fisher.

Basis T, of Time and Time dissolvant into Matter, refers to Matters of thé backן (négative ions), négative affectés of répressions, and Lucidity to = Time. For time to Matter at all.

Thé infinité amont of Pollution in z.


#Reduce Pollution

Surface Art. Algeria, 2016.



In Prints

Hydronic Principle to you (last place).

Ш = ф / [зм 2r + 1 + 2s] 

————————-  =2 l’ost


=2 l’ost 

Jerusalem. Private Collection. 2016. Of the atrium, carbon sinks down into the fallopian Tube and Acts as a Stimulant to sexual Energy…

Energy Containers:



and heart replacement surgery F.