Spells Disease

“The brain however is full functional integrative material full of disease. Chemical fluoride transparency in their brain levels; in the chemical balance of a mind to integration [aMR]. Its found per chloride to water ratios of sound levels via thought and the disturbances of thought processes in channels via light, electrical charges, and water sensitivities (calculated per densities and solubles). To glucose, the brain would be its dividend explorer, surrounding the materials/minerals of the mind to chloride filled rations in relationship to [IRD] the sound relative electrical charges of neurons per light/water sensitivities/deficiencies. As seen from the naked eye.

Furthermore, the glucose levels allow oxidation to create in the channels, factors to let light out for opportunities, or windows [Q], brainwaves to live in the world (I placement). It is a 2-3 self sufficiency in plural space to time principle at ½ a correctional whole of light profound to instance per measurement in one parallel that reflex material becomes Influx ([u] of influence) in human resource; [Z] absorbance (to show the way). This dormant factor lies in subconscious dividends of energy that create the balance over chloride/electrical charges of chemical divide and replacement stages of elevated activity to functional rationalized form [hyfergraphics]. Correctly chemical chloride, because its stored, these elevations or free radicals that are released determine what goes in and out in [R] and rationalized by the controlled, clings, and causes corruption in some way; same as decay over time; (inherit disease). Kinetic energy of the kinetic stages of light between hunger and solitude, are equilateral affects per pure longitude. Form energy split transparent to parallel and in parental form (molecular) under [binocular]: a natural fruition of the chemical balance of hydrogen and carbon integration in order to standardize the foundational levels of creativity (what is released, what is disciplined). The functional chemicals work best [Y/R] by natural light to life cycles under parent controlled inertia of sound levels given fluid per nitrogen storage potentials in natural brain cycles (waves) from DNA to a 40° absence of fluid to transparent: ears to heart. Due of sound pressure. Light source creates from the eyes stead its parallel influence, 60° in True health Potential- Quality of Life.

Light to logic is increased by 1 under same energy congruence.

Tempura” (Room 2). 2014.  20×24. ~Artist Statement

The Cavity. Your dream cycles in S.


Value 8,

Nucletic Resource U (overture) in: 8th. Systems P; paramagneticism to the cervix.

Decreased by 1 per imbalance.
The pancreas. Having to do with glucose sugars and healthy brain levels.
In transportive form itself. Fetal development to nuclear adjacency. It oppositions its balance to become negative to extremely negative under repressions that sugars cannot be controlled but standardized through magnesium replacement that proportions its water weight via its sound chemicals, waves per ratio in realization to rationalized comfort in order to limit the amount of oxygen ingested into the mind per a chloride systems imbalance. Time over matter.. (particles over matter in estrogen) sub-t Weight e 3/3 as^2.

The adrénal glands, in disillusion to mind over matter and Malnutrient  to Function.  F..x-t

G=T but how?

PDF [g = i = t]

Thé mast cell.

In p-h. Hydrochloride to the muscular Hydro neverous System T.


Auctions – Tempura

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