Sheets and Sheet Layers


Male to par
Sheet layers and heat, the painting is division of 2 par to X as Y of 7. – in “Lust; to subject 1 [hypothermia~ New York, New York. Nr (restored) Mب≠ф. 2017.  By Fausto Maxia, Rome. “Death of Venus.” E0, N7. 100x100cm 2:1



Shell division s8 – c(18) or_ fixed (ф) as prefix R of M::2 =(counterweight) Гx


Time makes up 1/3 the refractive weight of the lung as energy dissolves light by plate tectonics given U, in spatial layers of resistance.


Sheet layers of resistance evolve and dissolve in equal eye refractive weight to serotoninן pressures (the photon).  In Time, kinetics inherit actions by movement to dissolve light as its Function to water movement- according to eye level to the level of the Eye.  Meaning 3/3 absorption C becomes [distinct] – instance T in timed kinetics to z (zygomaticus relativity Q) to reality net weight to function – endorphins x timed speeds.  The Cornea exists to refraction base as hormones extract to tone (cortical relativity as it dissolves light by actionו, and is taken by outer action [^] into forced penetrations unto sea level) — the same adjunct weight as sodium adjoins other minerals within the body.  Stead the magnetic precision of an instance chemical is only 3 c (it’s sub carbon net estrogen [€] to distance gravity until speed hits enough proportion to balance an existing weight (Newtons Third Law).. mind to body.

#dream cycles.

The photon. More about that later..




Heavy levels of memory, upon the Eyes;

 once Upon, a Dancer

(novel written 2010; revised 2013; 2015; and in 2017 as a ballet..) a work in progress:

  1. Character Basics


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Musical Instruments



And our determining factors:

Astatine to Eye movement; subject 1, or hydro-convergency, and energy containers F = p9 ..

Area 1 on the spinal cord.  On heat extractions:

Given chemical structures of the human body, the outside pp° to equal velocity is not defined in Reality. Astatine – (electromagnetic fields as it dissolves) – électrolytes qualify as equal possibilities according to radiations of stars (plate tectonics) to aerodynamics given caesium (movement as it collapses) of the amount of membrane to oxygen levels per contained E (v1). **[fe] is induced by friction ןoo [psychology].

Channels. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Brainwaves 3,4,5,6,7


area 1


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