The electromagnetic diameter: purple = Iodine in [white].  According to the red blood cells and electro-mitosis od1 of the given seed – the Lungן.

(Blood spells outwardly as diameter prefix to weight [L]).

Newton’s unfinished Times Tables. The electromagnetic scale according to.. eternity. (Formula L).

Electrical Nerve cells upon impulse c^2, hydronic cavo;
Acts on penetrations to nucleide of relevant proportion (glucose).
Introverts to hyferdynamics in c^2 to Ectotomical wavelengths driven by heat – its plate tectonics to hydro converted energy (nerve cells) in gravitational pulls by energy .333___>infinite wavelengths of pulls.

Velocity ruins its pulls through molecular wastes that 3x the pressure to subatomically subtract its heat by gravitational rotational devices of the membrane by heat resource c to introvert it into ecotomic proportion nitrogen to electrical at0 + Y^2. Heat driving the malnourishment [magnesium to para_] by electrons to calculate the consistency to scene per pulls of hydrolic [chloride filtration systems] of the heart to heat over gravity its (**malnourished) perplexion State = 29 of hydrogen to inert formula p in order to reinstate its electromagnetism in heatwaves to wavelength connectivity processes between the membrane and the left ventricle i to (T9) of particle placement [displacement of uneven cells to left to right membrane dividend speeds (value to nutrition)]. Equalizing its concentrations at its Point of Arc. [-7,n7].

Bh82 (perpendicular i Weight to hydrogen)..

H29 (mastן, blood pressure, and carbon mass)..

If a seated man were to take a syringe of Visible Light and shoot it straight through the center of his Eye, thé extraction would force thé Right Arm out into a Streamline Affect of movement.


Math. According to System’s functions (physics) melt (absorb) in Y.  Planetary fields gives us this in Distance magnetics of their precision (proteins) in and of it’s Iron scale [fe] to be absorbed by fiber extraction of cell division (IRD).


light weight to temperatures (k)

In order for form Y to formulate P there must be a third degree electromagnetic pull source from its Affect. Which is the sunן.


Thanks to, the Moon, in letters from Morocco, and according to I:





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