Artist Statement:

Water and the photon.
Water and the photon. Ф. Female adjacency – q. Artist Statement, 2010-19. Stefany Fisher. (88°).

Ectoplasmictism.  The Profound of any given weight. = Oxygen. By height.

nucleic resource

Calcium heats blood cells under Instance C. (Aerola diameter meets in blood cells under ° of certainty (Sr,g).)

C. Carbon net weight inherits the backbone as time evolves (the nuclear system) to blood [motonic] light to carbon.  Which is clarity.

Of a circle system – Resource C of a carbon diameter (nucleic): to hydronic bloodcells shown in [teeth], the cardiovascular system (S).

Timed blood cells to cardiovascular equal the same amount of weight = time (mxm) in dissolved Matter (estrogen) to 3/3 carbon Aerola Truncation of the Human (Va) according to Female; is hydrogenically sized Matter that evolves any given time into a blood cell [teeth] of any given instance. (Memory).

Requires Root Proportion M (mass) to sustain [sternum] the nutritional value (sustainable weight) found in Light. Of e-x2, of thé Eye, and hydrochloric acids.  Vaccinated pressures require fY lighting under pressure, Resource A, before instance gravity can dissolve time under water. In NrH. (Lע).

Equal Light Resistance (Weights of the back) is the Carbon net Weight that equalizes in C thé width to volatility of H before time dissolves into brain function. C.

P5. Lungsן. Carbon net weight – Nitrogen in Er (slope) to cell division U of Carbon acidity.  The nuclei.

Lungsן Of Aerola Diameters:

“Water and the photon. Artist Statement. 2010-19. (Image Above).


Each T cell holds a degree of oxygen per acidity of cycles, Y.  Because in armן thé cavity is thé equal oxidity in certain vaccums (Er) to Uranium (in blood cells) under G.

#Thé Nucleus.

The heart rate uses these pulls per instance on a ground level of flunctuation to even tones (under oxygen) that plate weight uses E to rely on (ion).

The vaccum in gY (its our oxidation cycles E).

According to vaccums, our society is based on nucleic acid that evolves from the mouth and out the vagina to instance C of equal fibers to the membrane. With this start (foundational learning), developments into the nucleus and given T cells of oxidation can evolve into hydroquotical Matter over Time itself. #Space exploration.


Lungsן = thé units per amount hydrogen in reality base Systems Y; a plate tectonics square is going to formulate and fall at gravity (instance c) in Formation Y, the 3/3 to 2 under any given balance. Y before C oxidizes blood weight (Valve). Xyz.

hydroquotical matter


Authentic Invitation
Castiglione Olona, Exhibition 2016, Castello di Monteruzzo – Authentic Invitation.

בCopyright Stefany Fisher.