Form b. Radials.

properties [black]

The difference between what’s in your head and mine is the equal amount of attraction in magneticism as carbon is to = Weight by sub molécules fractured and then fortified by (dream cycles) in T as T adjusts carbon by height [white]. Meaning light gives off 1/3 the amount of nutrogen to force as force equals molecules on 8° levels of inertia (earth).  Radial activities (mass) evolve and dissolve into 1 compound as nucleic [mast] circular motion under gravitational waves under the speed of light of a given day at any systematic circumference under sunlight. What is under is the network of radioactivity to sound given adjustment of empty levels of sodium fortified in thé Heart (Surplex). gY then the net weight to carbon as time is to helium.  T^2 its evolvement, forcing light out of its system is 3° split carbon of Hydro- helium (found in inertia) from left to Right brain cycles in equal massticity of carbon net cycles (membrane) to carbon adjustments in chloride as cardiovascular circular rythmns define mass by night; (in circular motion to ionic cages = vaccums) and in streams due to planetary involvement. (Hu), in massticity, of what goes up must come down equals the 3° timed net weight perplex on a given time scale according to time adjustment  giving energy enough measurement before 1 day in +1 night perplexities (proteins) on consistent levels (gradation scales of movement i. nitrogen [N1]) by rotational defects of instances defined by mass (molecular form R).  Is your mind really free?
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Circulation upon Sight. Utopian design

Time substantial (Sr) = voice = Width.

estrogen – er (Everything).