“In order for heart speeds to adjust in [plate tectonics], ratios must relate to Valence (heat expanding or growing cells) in equal limits of thé Eyes.  Specific movements involve chlorophyll to adjust the weight or to stand proportionately to distance momentum.

If F-E captures the force by weight [the man upstairs] introduces us to heat radiations in timed degree format C over energy before instance is 1. (Inert Principle F). As^2
in x-h. 

Force then drives [motivation] while extracts [x3°] paralells to circumference involving the mouth.  This lungן realizes the difference in bacteria [platform] to u-g in sérotoninן (heart levels).  Thé same plate tectonics pressure is the area squared before c divided the cerebellum, equaling impulses [q] and Movement, invoking light over darkness in 3° pressure, or Soundwaves.

The areas extract is subject to t in equal soundwaves subject to proportion before U in u levels- of thé Cortex. This means areas light is adjusting weight while realization inerts from behind in same principle Respect to ground control [set Infrafractures].  As temperatures drop from the frontal lobe into its appropriate measurement form Carbon [soundwaves], heat rises then from the back between the pressure of thé stratosphere within the cerebellum [fungi] forcing light out of its system in form radioactivity such as carbon adjusting into heat radiations. Artist Statement 2017-18.

Fungi Rule of thumb


The infinité 8 vs the Subatomic weight of oxygen.