Of the Back

Thank you to the support given from Pakistan:

Subject U of Arif Khan.
13×13 cm modified by institutionalized infinite weight of adjustment properties belonging to U, and anything left unsaid, given adjustment: Artist and Mentor: Arif Khan. (ArtWork in classified belonging).


  1.  Memory loss. Caused by fear.
  2. Curiousity.  The led of perception.
  3. any net worth of perception is solely a subject P
  4. of Iodine to realistic force in cultures S,
  5. and to Y, the chromosome linked through S.

This works net weight is in subject P  


C6.  The back is only 1/6 if 1/2 of 1 whole; in valence pertains, this, the 3° vanishing point to what knows no end but of itself.


בCopyright Stefany Fisher.