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The Nitrate Pollination System:

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Fausto Maxia

C6.  The back is only 1/6 if 1/2 of 1 whole; in valence pertains, this, the 3° vanishing point to what knows no end but of itself.”  Stefany Fisher.

Painting above by Fausto Maxia, Exhibited 2016.A0658D54-A6A7-417F-AC01-95687035A122


Thé subatomical nervous system, found in G. How thé body is hydrated through the central nervous system ..

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Steps g.[fY] in the cerebellum. Is electronically connected (electrokinectic) to the membrane through fields of impulses in chemical hydration to 3/3 the entire Human body, which equals 1/2 of the whole kinetic field of existance. In Man.

Vs. Hyfer

Storybook Rhythms for Theory E0. 

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With Noor Aldeen.

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