Me, myself, and I [molecules], in isotopes.

Subcology, Y13.
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Molecules and I.

is molecules plus energy  i

then I the energy myself.

is transformative.

into new Energy.

ER. I and the slope.

(made in sleep).


in self esteem.

The amount of subatomic culture [Ar] to be solidified in to neurotic form – hydronucliede.  Neurotic cultures solidly into form [IF] of the Fallopian tube [ID], Systems P, of Stelmic Root Properties pure form white, of Phosphorus (P), highly nucleic.



Submotonic form, if cells split reality. Proper Function [ego].

Z. Human development to light altercations. Involving the membrane of each molecular cell from (atriumן) to heatwaves pulled in by Visible Light and it’s Electro-motonic forms (Y).


Neoplasmic Cultures – defines by 1 instance chemical (Fן – to the electromagnetic chemical fields – Feן) in 1 instance fate = gravity. 

*Is flouride a chemical at all? Not on the electromagnetic scale..

*Vaccines. -1 by 1 instance heat to heat reflection (fן) = Electromotonic cultures.

Neoplasmic fields adjcency:  In one electromagnetic pull (sunן) to heatwaves according to disease and submotonic pressure given instance I of 1 fluidity of Movement. According to Weight.  

S. Is similar to how this works when transference fields (molecular energy) are divided by (s) to substitute S on a given Pläne– plate tectonic scale of white [phosphorus]. (S = sulfur) in Motherן to child (y).

In chloride, thé same penetration (s) is the GI en glucose to replication — magnetic form U of thé Left Eye to planetary alignment – thanks to God.

One circular Movement = Y.

Conjoining Matter = X.

The frontal lobe shows us this in dangers under (cerebellumן) pressures given thé chloride fill levels of adjcency (subject Y) to planetary involvement that give and get light in fן; under Instance Light (Visible) under Sr of 0 magnetic filtrations.  Under R (reality).

Neoplasms float in space while energy wraps around it in 1 circular notion.  Given inFlux (times tables); are multiplied and replicated in Lע (systems of vacuums in sulfur);Д of given prognosis to Prototype (magnitude) to left nature energy (Z).  Replicated fields magnetize in the Head to surround the Hearts given circulatory defects of the left (sternumן) in Area 1.  Subsidized pressure.



Hע (heat).

**Neoplasms are 1/5 equal to Voice and (Left tube of the Aerola Truncation in order to equal fields under gravity).  Aerodynamics of the Female Anatomical System (ф) аnd according to Human design (or influential weight in flight). 

T cells
How energy looks under circular division. The Area fridges by chemicals subsidized under weight. Lost work.

Life Cycles,


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