Melts at 3° (Pyschology)

Artist Statement – the Thesis.

G = m^e (z)^p2: 2
P= extremely negative

In xY Light that undergoes absorption by mineral adjacency exert X of its squared light by submotonic color value. Gray scale of the membrane (z)XY. This inherits psychology in levels f by force by mineral placement x by color value (extremely negative [x dividend squared DNA). Seen in x day (Gravitational speeds = psychological speeds) in x night (magnetic pulls). Y1 subjective. To absorbance C nitrogen replaces color value (filtration) to form b of breathing over its dividend to light by X Ray od in xLight hydrogen P.

Light dynamics to space. Rough draft, 2017-18. Aerospace. Charts1 of (3)- perspective (universal).

Chart E:1

Behaviors in green..

energy 3x e



Original Drawings