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DEATH OF VENUS, in Series 5.

Of Venus; With Noor Aldeen, 2017.

Story of Y, No Color… take the color out.

Story of O..

Story of U in Traces, 2016-18.  Series 5.


Series 1


Heart stands still.


Teoria E0.67DB3BD9-7CF9-4EB1-8DA6-E9987763A409

Theory E0, 2016.  Cover painting by Fausto Maxia, Rome.


Once upon a Dancer, Original Version.

Depending on the market you are targeting, I think that it is pretty competitive. -J. Tyrell, Literary Professional, New York, New York.

July 27, 2012.

I really liked what I read.”

בCoהpyright Stefany Fisher.