Considering gravitational pulls to the speed of light:

Hu Why ןoo and ןoo are impossible mass function. Two negatives charges will never meet.  

It is impossible to mass function an existing system with a same system breakage; the cataclysmic cultures will not endure their areas pressure thus resort to fracture at various intervals. . Through intervals, the proper alignment can chemically balance (at0). Chemistry exists at Effect of time of 0.  (U) is a True Root at 2. Similarly, the element is equal to electronic [phaces :n] System range that occupy the level two adjustment;(f) [phace] and believe that all are equal of which 6 in valance culture, uranium peaks stead is a True Value mineral; (electrons and protons). 

Because of this equality, it is impacted to the heart subRoot at incapable rates and consistencies, that allow the heart to regenerate photonic pressures of 0 without ever risking exploding in a moving mass. Thus the mass must be in movement in order for this force to occur. Which is (:zr) material.

This is why love is so powerful.

Excerpt Theory E0.

Perpendicular weight.

  • 3° of thé hypothalamus.
  • 0° Anatomical Proportion (As^2).
Area N7, divides neurons to equal substitution on a plate tectonic field, 1-10. 10 split according to proportion, root field gravity, in wavelengths of 9; subatomical defect in G’ root hole [cavity] in s’y g of equal fields to serotoninן – Root Y, in planetary subjects to disease in [estrogenן] pr°. Energy is simple.

The lung floats 

Perpendicular weight – A reflective principle of hydrogen from inner to outer systems.  You get your mass squared of that by buoyancy. Of the Lungן.

[Ar] of noble gases shows perplex weight E (according to estrogen) how energy evolves and dissolves according to light and in subsidiary to balance – Volume 5 (°in estrogen).. Artist Statement 2017-19..

The Propellor



Original Drawings

Thus HC is a chemical compound to the AV Node.

The lung floats 

The periodic table based on Mass function- Anatomical function in Resource C.

Integrity chart
In E:1 – rough draft, 2018. Integrity and intangible qualities in light.



Auctions – c6

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