Female Anatomy

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If F=E, the mass of light squared will Proportion itself according to weight. In H-E (hydrogen – energy), thé supporting Weight will (by velocity of units ª) define arithmetic by the power of function. In a unit squared, it will be mass (its equilibrium) and by infrafracture (t-r, s-r, f-r) based on hydronic matter (mT3) will introvert it over to the opposite weight (of thé spinal cord). Given the opposition of its affect to matter and it’s predesposition of balance between air (lungs) and water – perpendicular reflective weights by Light filtering through the body.



Area of 1 (thé neck).

H2 +O—> (-)O—> +2, (Cl)[living cells] subsidized weight (glucosis 3 hormones) fYlight—> +1C (chlorophyll), H2O = matter (mitosis m -3)—> +2O – 1C = N:d3.

Thé parallelogram. In any given (s’y) state of reflection there is an equal reality based on its weight. (Newton’s Second Law).

Perplex R

Iodine.  « If I were to take a syringe and shoot visible light directly through the center of my Eye, this will force movement of my Right Arm…

principle Y

Electrons. Inert Formula I. In interim, the justified “women control” could simply be a subject of WATER. ןОП


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