Family Anatomy [N7]

“Immaculate Conception.  2017.  Magnetic radiations heat the brain, dissolve Light to formulate ions in 3° measurement. This 3rd (dissolving matter) is the developmental state of (ion) in Instance Weight by chemical influxuations of the human body. Nitrogen (.03) divides these blood cells to create instance that energy uses on a molecular value system seen of thé Skull. Meaning it is impossible to create substance without substance already inflicted on and at birth, thé energy of refraction. Divide heat cells by time, and adjustment levels on a ph scale turn into ..a child. #fetus

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Property Laws of Nitrogen:

N1 = Energy is color; on a net Value scale (3xY^2).

Vulnerability. For E to Equal MC^2 a mass of light first must be counter cohesive with the first pure light, centered, elevated, and then taken of its existing surroundings [circulation] to have that Affect to form energy in the 1st place.


N2 = Balance is perpendicular to movement.

N3 = Light forms solidity.

N4 = Light is equal to light.

N5 = Time is space.

N6 = Movement causes brainwaves to crosscurrent in longitudinal, latitudinal scales of cell division, unique structures define chemical wavelengths between each other and in Entanglement. Energy must move with and within cell division. And time depletes oxygen to hydration (electromagnetic) scales in heatwaves. Breathing conjoins it’s points = (notes).

N7 = Is indivisible – the molecular scale structure of the Eye.  **In clouds (electrons)  to matter in energy waves (gravitational); and corruption exists (axis points) which evolves the Eye to Light.


There are 7 Principle behaviors in ([white]) x before meet I in U.. in Y.

To understand plate tectonics in psychology: Root factor 1 = hatred is a form of reality; in 3° pressure to 0° air – Absorbance z.   Note**The image above is lost from the Original book in Exhibition on the Theory of 0; Castglione Olona, Italy.  2016.

Of the lungן (Root Y):

״Hatred stead relies on impulses to 3° field of hydrothermal adjacent congruence to its vacuums. Thé sub epoch to entropy 1pt. (2c), empathy 2pt. (3.13) [N1,S7(Instance squared)] and its third epidemic—> 3pt.^ Psychology.

Thé spinal cord then inherits its 3° proportion to the frontal lobe the c-x in turn revolve to extricate light. Of it [sub] vacuum [parietal lobe] to its [sub]-x of mathematical degrees to sunlight (its left brain cell division, thé cerebral cortex, to the left ventricle]Area 1). Y suv vertex [distinctive] of sérotonin cultures e-x2more on pyschological templates in R – 21gradations + temperatures (Lע).


Form Y.

prefix R.

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