Equilibrium – perplex R

3° of then the Fallopian tube is your Root Surplex Area B.
Cells regenerate heat by circulation. Affects of the given membrane (t cells) reduce width by Root involvement of growth levels into outer oxidation upon sight. Glucose is a kinetic energy field that valence requires to timed degrees of temperatures fracturing under Instance revolving in genes before and after triangular connectivities.´


Y = subconscious

Because Visible Light is going to use the neurons to expel reality:

How the neuron works in proper function
How the neuron works in proper function to electrolytes and existing magnetic forms Q. 2018.

A = affect

R = Reality97789805-B684-429A-9D70-9AA9FB5112D7

S = sulfur


H = hydrogen


T = time


root cells

aa = abstract affect (position)

r = réflection

Brain waves
Brainwaves of equal cell division is in the SA, AV nodes of the human heart – which is a cell- this drastic measurement considers time as invaluable and space something of a friction- in other words, the SA Node is split (s,a) In cause to affect – which works on a parallel. The AV thus is your longitudinal standpoint to E – everything left in front of you. 2018

q = absorbance Windows

The hypotenuse
(Chapter 7): brainwaves to function – 2018.

z = energy fields

Y in nuclear physics
In order for brainwaves to occur a mass of light must be already integrated into a system (Subject g) – so if Y of the chromosome IS the subconscious, and XX is the hyfer extension in physics, there must be an existing photon in area dynamics that allow for proper function to occur 🤔. FYI dreams ARE integrated in bonds.

u = units (per states of corruption) given R

The Pythagorean’s Theorem – why it exists according to the Ego.. basis sub Y cultures in geographical basis to Q and in malfunction P – serotonin. MF^fY. 2017-18.

If God is Love and God doesn’t exist, then love doesn’t exist.  What is Love?




Hypothesis, 2018.
Area 6 of the brain- the chemical imbalance between thought and memory.




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