Energy energy


….converted by electrical charges from negative ionic cages by degrees and failures act (-) and are forced to comply (-) against its Will per gravitational pulls of electronic speeds by energy that subdivide and divide one course of action level to the next, brain energy v sexual energy, only can waves to particles be fixed and fixated under the earth’s gravitational pull and then further explained. Energy, is the force that free will has to offer, that if converted under pressure seeks allowance for movement to occur under further movement and stages 1 in Type forms.

Type 1
Type 1: gradation A, 2019 rough draft.

Energy allows attraction of the system through eye penetration of lightwaves per heat absorbance in balanced cohesion. Energy cannot allow or last under system degrees of particle ingredients (uncavo), and can only be positive when thought bounds its action through ease by these to attract in east to west exact: waves, gravitational waves, light waves, and beyond per connectivity allowances of congruences. The cerebellum. This is because visible light is a spectrum tied together itself in value, a system value complexity of (7) home bound to adjacent kinetics; filtration levels of infinite [p].

Sexual energy instead is the Breakage matter of these forms through clouded matter, as found in electron production and reproduction to form. Energy used in this way is alone, or stagnant, and can not capacitate enough chemical congruency to secure the necessary amount of oxygen levels that connect brain transference in order to maintain a full form connection process [e.g. the full moon]. In reproductive form, only through a woman’s Integrity can this subjective decision be decided, and this is only found through time and the chemicals that are immersed by her own body’s dual action force to light; the Existence of matter under (aY) Energy. Affect of chromosome storage in Y.


The fetus.” 2002. Tempura ~Artist Statement

Stefany Fisher

Z = where light is stored
Я = в where chemicals (light) reacts
E = energy
Cן= compound