Energy dissolves in light

Life is short and the world is small.  Ça Matter. (Ch,h3)- hormonal imbalances [glucose]. -A statement on Equal Rights and what are they

Light’s nuclear perpendicular weights are always filled in form ions as (clouds) are the electron’s fixated pressures of it’s moisture – to 1° ion by volume and 3° Function, after 2° hydration raté. Meaning split culture goes as far as solidity (of the blood vessels) to the full moon in solidity Principle P (planetary alignment). Thé nucletic Weight is thé formulated [ion] made up in stars and held within the same nutritional diameter (of thé électron) to human relativity found in the heart, based on brainwaves. [subametrixs].
Perpendicular diameters always meet at 3° exertion Point.

Negative ions to nucletic weight P.  Radiations adjust to (sound) as brainwaves (Form R) reduce the amount of friction in Z.  Y, because it’s a timed degree to movement (glucose’s).  The membrane, and it’s T cells decline at which weight to rate ratio divides cells upon its Formula H. Of and under gravity or cell division C. [N4] + wavelengths; (human pressure Lע)z.

The electromagnetic nerve cell. (lactose)


and thé 3rd blood cell (quarks).


eating disorders

Phaces: Root R, the contradiction between time and space highly depends on Quality: H (the quality of hydrogen) in 1 inert Principle F of thé self (thé muscular system and the electrodiameter meet at vp everytime). Root hole depends on the amount of inertia build up in cataclysmic root rates to cultures I. Of absurd division. #Aerodynamics

Type A (ions and red blood cells).

Type O (infographics to water [of thé mouth]~nutrogen).. white blood cells take up an amount of time to regenerate its hyper-inference weight according to t [blackן].

Type B and the muscular system (plate tectonic weight).

[1 type form]

Type 1
Type 1: gradation A, 2019 rough draft.



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