Einstein’s G=T


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What is x-h?

The chemicals the heart filtrates according to width, speeds, and common ground (the environment).

Q. (Electrical Windows) –  Neurological to timed cells of equal kinetic extraction..

« [Q], the windows per light absorbance, or eye connectivity processes to brain coherence, is parallel to logarithmic proportions based on weight per axis in [Y] and identified per weight to mass of system adjacency in filtration processes per ability of (the mother) to evenly penetrate to the outer systems of light adjacent transparency, to light matter (the father), a formula that must meet in the gravitational pulls given principle light degree per oxygen to carbon ratios, gravitational rotations, and its distribution of weight. Under carbon pressure [z]>[E] by weight [i] circulation to distribution per time displacement by its mass variable » Equal balance. Thus the area filtration of both is indigenous and it’s dangerous light [in psychotic] to weight profound to equal proportion of lightwaves and under light, its reflection; that reflection can obtain only what truly absorbs in [Z] what is distributed through light, it’s decay, and can be seen invisibly through divisible energy itself by division of its energy under Matter per proportionate weight. The breathing system works accordingly, aiding the simplicity of light to work proportionately in matter that is moving, generated through thought generated processes, and light perspective given allowance by choice rather than variable quality per [i] > [si].

To see in a proportionate balance, left being wrong, right being right, by way of its system function, function itself will dispose of its weight wrong into right either way due to its principle in I~T…

Pulls from the ground = width measurement (x-u),(t-u).

Hu = Hydrogen of units (form weight d) of hormones

u = units of gravity  

U = root form subplex 1 of Width energy; central to the Eye evolving matter (3^2) of Hh, Nh, +P. Proper proportion (nucletic or dissolving matter).  U≠u; and in [voice] of proportionate mass [phosphurus].

In Human Anatomy, thé glote is subject to U by wavelengths i in psychological circulations (weight to water). Wavelengths being thé streamline affects to the central (membrane) over the nervous system as time dissolves Energy into matter. Weight control is driven by latitude that provides equal substitution to thinking as energy does in thé air. The fact that it switches as due proportion squares itself is based on position (latitudinal) by direct opposition fields of affect. And in reversal.

Light Sensitivies (L). The sperm cell: time to its nucleus + Subcology  Formula H.

The mast cell. Would be taking E-F to a specific longitudinal degree upon height using estrogen as its synopsis. And why is needed a specific standpoint would be A-b. In breathing, a diagonal to horizontal alignment as a 1 point perspective. The joke would be the infinite possibilities as an absurd Distance or its race against time between the environment and people because it is being bled out every month. Or between our contrary, thé spatial distance, because there is only 1F and 2E between subsidiary and infinity, given the Factorial ranges of our eyes. And what is balance.
In 3° perpendicular weight
To what exactly is oxygen.


In temperatures of the Mastsן – flouride being your integral Square to units and refractions — Narrow plasmic qualities and cultures, Lung ~ vertebrae ~ Lung (left eye – wastes), light densities [holdן] to bone (instance weight to rate t), and Structure (format of the sternum and fungi root squared properties (ph).
99W% = 1

Calcium. Of the mother. Makes up 99%W body mass to ⅓ human subatomic matter. Found in Iodine. 

The human membrane- to teeth as the placenta is to protect. What is wasted will be 3/3 of human energy from (1)/4th form – the ID – found in plasmic, shells, and human subatomic adjacency to water – all based on iodine. Thé placenta, and human form suv equivocal to light. (3/3^2).

PH Levels (of the spinal cord).

Found in Iodine the subplex motion to movement is the inert perplex of 1 (instance to gravity) before 3/3 developmental weight deepens I  to 2/3 nucletic weight M.

In order to see, the energy leftover is (lm, m) x —> decreased weight by [normal volatility] over Prefix, Armן, and subatomic matter, to energy’s degree. Serotoninן = Form R to Width.

S depletes Oxygen while sound inherits these formulated ions.  Which are degrees in sight (to anything of the back in weight will be pulled forward). To sound, it is the Less than Greater than Affect; [ti] of substitution of chromosome ratios in radioactivities.  E= eG(s)

Altercations of Distance
In latitude, it is impossible to believe the rotational degrees of our sunן is anything less than the subconscious’ substantial turn (x); which is Y – due to fortified energy and how it rotates and dissolves into formed weight.  Meaning leftover substitution is no more than a family of inert ions decreased by 1 in a formulative affect of degrees moving forward (Ma). [N1].

DNA is your basis for Protective Principle form U of and under this subsidized weight of ions that highly control its radioactive wastes (3/4).  Under gravity.

H + h

More Articles on G=T in Einstein and the neuron on the roothole in Neoplasmic (Left Eye Concentration : Systems P).  Format Y. 

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