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Understanding carbon IS EQUAL to light because X of the chromosome is equal to 2x it’s equal light energy, infinite over 8 adjacent bound carbon elasticity basis to electrical speeds..[N4]. Eroplasticity*

Er and the slope. (Erbium).

Energy to Carbon in Color e-rx: brainwaves form Eroplasticity to extricate light by (lע) to lift energy in.  In principle, submotonic degrees (aerial influence) is only x-3° based on Refractive Light.  Infinite light over pressure (found in hormones) is x-d (x) of the same Intergral Respect to hyferkinetics in thé Fallopian tube to Rh of submotonic pressures existing in Y.


Through sleep, oxygen contained in the amount of hormones divided it’s squared unit of eroplasticity, hydrates chemicals to absorb moisture = the Brainן.


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