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„The interaction between 0 light and 0 Root is its principle formalités, right and wrong; which are formal properties, that can create the subatomic wavelength into particle (es) at subatomic cultures; in a common massive effect at base waves of width, is the same potential between the individual (I) and its Root (Y); and in (Y) at (a)(he)^2, its height consistent @-+Arc level; of which the true face value is proportioned at visual perception on a psychological level.  This brings forth conscious awareness to basic subject principle; and at its s(a) consistent levels, that state is its placement levels; and contains it in a base that is retained through stored energies.
Subatomic particles and language
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(Excerpt from Theory E0).2017:


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  1.  Past state existence. Of its pinéal glands, that absorbs 2x thé amount of nitrogen in a .03 subatomical proportionate weight within thé body that doubles the amount of helium in a given nitrate cell called humanity; to use and reuse in basis dehydration levels of our breathing systems. H20 based in hormonal production is filtered left by the left eye to electronic clouds that fill and refill unit weight (light structure) decided by the estrogen amounts in serotonin levels.  It is chloride that balances as a reciprocal to clean energy.

Anatomical weight is its unique Subatomic adjacency to light contamination of its color,  and it is maintained by the membrane, and is absorbed through water, is basic to breathing cells of carbon released through space and into time —> to what is referred to as endorphins. A split cycle of division in Principle cell to light refraction in 1 body of mass, its aerial direction left to right of its nucleic acidity —> thé uncle to single celled organisms. 

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#Reduce Pollution

Photographies m-1. Nucleic affect instance C – topographic Behavior. 2018. More photographies found here:


  1. 2.  Molecular form and my ID. If a neuron is going to have a kinetic charge to activate a given heart speed by heart rate. The ration in absolute value is (t-s)^t.  Sulfur given its hearts substitution per energy speed provided the amount of oxygen intake breathed in, in 1 day. The suvvertical alignment will be the ration to proportions in blood type to supported given x its variable, another way of justifiying the germ in the body to any given outer expelled disease. 3×3 (=subverted 6=co2.‘) – if ration = fe, which it does. 

And is Used of its electrical weight‘s square— which is an expotential — of 2, its direct opposition of field..


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July 27, 2012.

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