Cells and Reality

Weight of the unknown. Decides time, it’s diameter, (energy concentrations) between the nucleus and molécules, which needs hydration in hormonal development such as diabetes and in red blood cells. The truth of the Matter is that the diameter meets at parallel points. And my point is the crosscurrent between estrogen and Anatomical belonging dictate between your time and mine. Where time + space and red blood cells unique to the radius utilize proportion. Before time expels any exponential harmony between the outside world and the inner emotional reliance’s that withstand between male and female. Meaning I’d say, if it weren’t for plate tectonics, nothing would revert backwards into an organized division of ..well titanium.. simply because I’m using oil in my hair to extradite given brainwave impulses that profound principles project between blood pressures. And diamonds simply resort of carbon.

The cavity [thé utérus].

Artist Statement 

בCopyright Stefany Fisher.


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