It’s so good it’s scary” – Private Collector, Varese, Italy.


fY1. Images 1-13.

Sisters1. 2009, revised 2017. 24×24”  Present location: Israel. Price net weight I in 30+1; bid 1 starting of 0 in 30 reaching max allocation in c = the separation of ego from its alter or super of its context, to the Central Nervous System.

In c.

Water 2.
“Water and the photon. A-ch. Ectoplasmictism. Oil 3/3rds: distribution, c. 24×36”. Present Location: USA.

Nucleus (leftover E). Rectangular definition in P:

Immaculate Conception.  2017. Current Location: USA.  Magnetic radiations in the brain, dissolve Light to formulate ions in 3° measurement. This 3rd (dissolving matter) is the developmental state of (ion) in Instance Weight by chemical influxuations of the human body. Nitrogen (.03) divides these blood cells to create instance that energy uses on a molecular value system seen of thé Skull. Meaning it is impossible to create substance without substance already inflicted on and at birth, thé energy of creation. Divide heat cells by time, and adjustment levels on a ph scale turn into ..a child.  


Quality of Life
Quality of Life. 2018. United States Family Court System, Florida. Missing piece… 


Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors
Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors. 2013-18. In Aerodynamics, the hydroplane to a state of satisfaction will be in the lucidity of a conscious state that has filtrated from the alter ego to a fortified square in time.

In conditions to the Arts lost of Bulgaria, 2015 (sub 2)-A4. Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors.  2013-18.

surface Art minimum – maximum (x value to sale: starting $160,000) 

The Fool 2.
The Fool 2. Ladispoli, Italy. 2018. Estimate starting price $14,500 and May not be subject for sale.



In Value: (total of (4) est. at $58,000 and may not be subject for sale).


Andrea. 35,5×27,5 cm. 2017. Steiner Gallery, Austria.



Article 1117.
1117. 2016. Steiner Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

Steiner Gallery, Vienna Austria – in sheets (3.13). And

“the Vanity.

At his height.
At his height. 35,5×27,5 cm. Steiner Gallery. Vienna, Austria. 2017.
Vina Del Mar
Vina Del Mar. 50x50cm. 2011. Steiner Gallery, Vienna Austria. M-h.
How He Can Stand It.
How He Can Stand It. 2009. 60×45. Steiner Gallery, Vienna, Austria. Areas F.

Oxford, England. Litigation in left cells/nucleus in root hole subject – $22.13mil net.

Winner vs Loser (ERA).
Winner vs Loser, Private Collector, Oxford, England. 2007, revised 2017. 24×36. May not be subject for sale.




Aquarius. 18×20” 2013. Present Location: Oxford, England. And she was never married. Listed as subsidation at Ru cause (fr^) containers, YI:T6-frontal lobe. .



C6. Atrium-7; unique form 2008. 9×12 canvas on paper, 2010.
Dancer. Location: Steiner Gallery, Vienna, Austria.
Mountains. Location: Oxford, England.
Houses. Location Oxford England. (Room Series):1

Subject of 7, in 8 – of the deadly sins:

Subject 1 of Greed.
Greed. Logorythimic proportions are going to penetrate out according to light thus the posterior artery is 3x as dominant to the left ventricle as Area 1 is to the frontal lobe – subject 1



Pride. gravitates (glucose) outward and pulls in from the throat; cutting off circulation between Area 2 and the membrane from the torso and it’s digestive mechanisms; in E^2.



Subject 2 of Lust
Not for Sale.


Subject 4. Laziness.
Subject 4, “Sloth. Melatoninן is you net division to the left brain. Electronegativity in the left brain conjunction with the Eye which generates the thought processes of the mouth and forces you to move. Yttrium in cell structure divides time by hidden ratio (Ne) to equal serotonin based on cell division to visual voice levels in growth hormones (c6.p’). Mass is your net of 0 in p0 and due in chloride systems of the hormones.






Childhood. 18×24. Present Location: Italy. 2013-17. Talking about development, blood, and Systems of a loan Ranger; in p will be subsidized U^2 of the Corneaן, to leftover mitosis of the hormonal cells in E:

Childhood. 18×24. Sesto Calende, Italy. 2013-17.
New York City in a Dream.
New York City in a Dream. 2002. Sweet King Cafe, Rome. Italy. Private Collection. Not for Sale.
Miami in a Dream.
Miami in a Dream. 2005. 18×24. USA.



Vision R.
In a Dream. Vision basics 2003. 2006. Present Location: Miami, Fl. Type basics 3; of forgery and the Lungן- to where the answers lie…

#the nose802BD368-26D1-4514-8A63-F6D2CD1F69A0


Death. Private Collection, Italy. 2008; revised 2017. May not be subject to Market.
Its boats
May not be subject to loan.

Missing piece:

Chasing Cars.
Chasing Cars. Pgr. Atrium. 2006. Present Location: USA. (Series 5); in allocation at 10x its net weight.. suv vertical..
A Stroll in the City 2.
A Stroll in the City 2. (New York). Wood board. Israel. Original concept, state of Maryland, Y1 -ce, m-g.
“Tempura. (Room 2). 2014. 20×24”. USA.


Girls. Copy, 2014-15. State of Delaware, 36×48. Location New Jersey, USA.


Missing piece: in Form 2, of hunger.. (d)

2 hands—2008. Nrh. Hm. Last seen: USA. Allocation in Right, to the Right to bare Armsן )nY22, c^2



The Hope Collection 2002- 2013


Sunlight. The 3rd of Hope Collection. Tempura. 2002.
Hope (the fetus).
Hope, the fetus. 2002. Original work (1st painting painted by Stefany Fisher). Tempura. USA.
The Theater.
The Theater. 2002. Tempura paint. Collection of 3 series 5.

The Hope collection.

in cost set of 3; the Hope Collection is included the first art ever painted by Stefany- At 17 years old. The medium is tempura.


Ice Cream Shop
In allocation, Equilibrium Location: Italy.



That’s my back.
Thats my back. Chalks and paper. 2016. Series 4.
Subject to location and the crave of the male form in Armן. 2014-2017. Présent location: Israël.  Allocation, to thé 3° starting price.




12411. 18×24” 2010. USA.

Room Series, xY13: the end of a private collection.  $190,000. Proportion rt 2 of subatomic molecules and the smell of its digestion: This Series in part to “the Vanity.

The Vanity
The tilting Vanity, 3/3rds adjunct weight U. Steiner Gallery, Vienna, Austria. Starting price -Q



Series 5

Venus, Story of Y, – U Original Drawing. Bluprints divided By Time = substitution Weight (3) based in z. Or growth value exchange.




Total net Net by Weight and Proportion according to happiness and What is thé  IRD – blood cell of hormonic activité, in restorage and restoration, thé équal  Right in usן that guards and stands guards… against thé opposition of thé Eye.




Ministry of Culture, Copyright. Menad Nait Kaci.