If man and woman are to be qualified as equal, three areas then must be equated according to their differences. 

Mن≠ф (male does not equal female).


Covet coordinates = (f,w,b)

Female emotional system = force of carbon, width of hydrogen, balance of gravity (O2). According to estrogen, and what’s wrong with man..

What are the 3 factors

  • The channels that 2(v) in time [same!] Reality adjusts areas of gravity into pulls of waves that become what are gravitational waves.
  • Height at distance reality is the same filtration of (Y) as meteor showers.
  • The less is more Principle. A height to low Affect [refractive] placed in (Y) circumference to eye. Subplex!

In other words..

1. f.  Pride. (-1,+1).

2.  w.  Vanity, (xH, +H).. greed, gluttony +x1.. to what is the number 4.

3.  b. (form b). X-h of thé Hydro Nervous System. Point Envy:

Roses and hair#; given subplex t-1 of negative energy. That’s Right in front of you. Series 5.


Щ ….(thé hydrovertical diameter).

(ня-3 in hormones).

E = E
Energy exists energy exists what is the neuron.. in wavelengths of 9.



For the constitutional amendment

Update the Constitutional Amendment

“Therefore woman equals authority only under existing image protection of man’s right to bear arms.”


Series 7


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