Artist’s Statement –Root biology

(A,Hu,Q) vertebral alignment
If E = MC^2 there must be a proper light:mass function. It’s dividend 2018.

Root hole.. Rh in Estrogen, c-9. Equal wavelengths = Attraction. Velocity (xY,xH) of thé hair; [219] isotopes (at) – c9 inert précision of stability in the vertebrae.

In Psychology, the hidden factors of flight would be in understanding. As time would evaluate its differences in air and in water. Hence we become perfect to what is Subatomic nature in 5. Which is only 1/2 of a whole belonging to genes. The substitution (wastes) would be found in Aerola Truncation of a Human System and suck thé Weight out of itself and into full vision circumference. There are plate tectonics that support this Theory, to what is Subject to 1@ nothing at all. #Aerospace

Heat extractions to light play a role in subsidized heat pressures called brainwaves or psychological awareness.  The root U form Y is the Type° per pressures of thé cérébellem as underground- extricated lightyears [in chloride] act in Areas filtration levéls of thé eye. C3 of thé spinal cord to Hע of thé Heart massitivity Form U = fY light or growth ratés. Subject at birth (Form Y). Type 3 will be ABC of C3 function F (thé frontal lobe):

In tangent
In tangent, the decreasing amount of fluid running in through the frontal lobe will exhale as proportion to the intricate square of its timed container [-c]. The left armן will direct by volume (5) while the left turn will impact the amount of speed (v).. human Anatomical direction – in building materials of fY – u (estrogen found at timed degree of its vanishing point). The same Anatomical values meet in net weight in c.  [Left end (value container)].

Development of Aircraft design began in Africa using subatomitry, allocation, and left  brainן development [Function F]..

Infrastructures of thé heart.


In C, molécules, Hr. In heat to wavelengths thé 10th expotential is thé 1st to extricated lightyears potential; Er Slope i, and in moléculaire Form subatomic base Weight hydrogèn (UR): Areas fY. Function slope (Aerola truncation)_Prefix.

In Plural

Areas U, thé direct dividend to C as submotonic light pressures are under chlorine systems P. The frontal lobe will release subsidized pressures (formula R) while heat temperatures release Endorphins per submotonic dividends. Subject R then, the frontal lobe areas Y are u subcomplexities in surface attractions. Article 5.

U-the Heart 

Hope and I


In E-C

The parallelogram

In heat 

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