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Donna”The artistic creation is a huge compromise be-tween the contingent experience and the heri-tage of the great Master of the past. It is in that exact point that we can place the work of the young Stefany Fisher.This rapid sketch is clearly related with the most academic drawing tradition, but at the same time with a more contemporary ap-proach of showing the artist’s feelings and rest-lessness.More focused on the instant communication with the viewer (visible in the eloquent gaze of the young lady) the sketch puts aside any investigation of the right technique and the correct visage proportion, in order to make the main outcome of the artist stand out: the representation of what is hidden behind our daily and sometimes frustrating life. In fact the woman sketched, like probably Stefany Fisher herself, wants to create a “bridge” with the spectator to be understood from him, but has she been able to do that? Has she been able to raise an emphatic contact with the viewer? Each of us will surely give a different answer. We know Stefany feels very close to her Italian roots: that is evident not only looking at the Leonardo da Vinci’s influences of that draw-ing, but also looking at more later ones, direct-ly from the Nineteenth century.

DONNA 20x30cm sketch on paper

-Mad Gallery Milano


It’s so good it’s scary.” Private Collector, Varese, Italy.

Sisters1. 2009, revised 2017. 24×24” Israel.









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